Looking after the needs of the shore angler, whether you are expert or novice, is very much our aim and facilities include a tackle shop, fresh and frozen bait, fridge and freezer facilities  and dedicated tackle and bait room. We can also provide the best of the fishing marks, daily advice and the free use of some rods and tackle

Our main venues are predominately rock fishing with only a few sandy beaches. Forget the climbing gear however as one of the features is the very good access we have to many of our marks. The rocks are generally the easy ’step down’ variety and just as importantly most are no more than ten minutes from where you park.
Fishing is out over a mixture of ground with as you would expect the sandier areas being the best for our many species of ray with the more mixed ground for the quality huss and conger. For the lure enthusiast we have top quality pollack fishing with catches of over 30 fish to a rod often recorded with individual fish to over 10 pounds (5 Kilos). The area also offers plenty of opportunity to the bass fisherman whether using lure, fly or bait.

Another feature of the Beara is the depths you are fishing in to. Even a medium cast of fifty yards will put you into depths of thirty feet or more and with so much water under your feet, tides and day or night fishing are not as critical as in many other venues.
Under you feet are several species of wrasse which will happily snap up crab or worm baits while a mackerel head has taken many conger to 40 pounds.


If you feel like a day afloat then we can organise a day out with top charter boat.
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